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Please note...

  1. For all accounts, the Leeloo Leaderboard records each account stats individually.
  2. The leaderboard is derived from actual data. All trade performance is reflective of real Leeloo customers placing trades in simulation. All data is verifiable via Rithmic, LLC.
  3. Those traders shown multiple times have purchased multiple accounts.

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Leaderboard : $25k Aspire
Sun 20 Nov 2022 to Sat 26 Nov 2022

Rank User Profit Trades Win %
#1Frieda, Germany$1,8003773%
#2Eugen, Germany$1,62212100%
#3bruno, Estonia$1,5555798.2%
#4bruno, Estonia$1,5466794%
#5bruno, Estonia$1,5388292.7%
#6bruno, Estonia$1,5255585.5%
#7Miles, United Kingdom$1,521977.8%
#8Michele, Italy$1,5168100%
#9Michael, Colorado, USA$1,516366.7%
#10PO SHENG, Taiwan$1,3854484.1%
#11Samerde, Benin$1,2955100%
#12Ali, Norway$1,2602972.4%
#13Joseph Karel Damien, France$1,2243066.7%
#14douglas, French Polynesia$1,2152378.3%
#14douglas, French Polynesia$1,2152378.3%