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Leaderboard : $25k Aspire
Sun 31 Jul 2022 to Sat 06 Aug 2022

Rank User Profit Trades Win %
#1Rafael, Spain$4,4526331.7%
#2Khalid, Morocco$4,0511100%
#3Jeremy, California, USA$4,003977.8%
#4Beatriz, Spain$3,6083060%
#5KENAN, Turkey$2,9521384.6%
#6Tany, France$2,9502560%
#7Said, Morocco$2,8951883.3%
#8Tarik, Morocco$2,79127100%
#9Amie, Virginia, USA$2,7842100%
#10Mehdi, Arizona, USA$2,7626100%
#11Marcelo, Portugal$2,71913669.9%
#12Tarik, Morocco$2,7122495.8%
#13Ahmed, Morocco$2,7012100%
#14Ahmed, Morocco$2,686250%
#15Shaune, New York, USA$2,6023748.6%