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About Us


Leeloo Trading is run by a family of farmers and ranchers in Central Montana. For three generations and nearly 100 years, this close knit, hard working family has garnered recognition both nationally and internationally for their many endeavors and achievements including for their purebred Charolais cattle.

Much like trading... there are no short cuts to success in an industry beholden to the whims of mother nature- which can wipe out a year of sacrifice with no apology. Trading can be equally difficult where trading obstacles are often ultimately fought by an army of one.

Farmers and Ranchers, however, do not survive without looking out for one another and the needs of their community.

Operator siblings Jody, Jacque and Brett embody the traditional values of a prominent, salt-of-the-earth vocation, that are especially refreshing in the world of cutthroat Wall Street. The origin of Futures was to protect farmers and commodity producers, and not surprisingly, the family developed skill hedging their assets.

CEO Jody Dahl, a devoted mother, adept trader, and accomplished entrepreneur, founded Leeloo with similar intention: a pathway to both unlock a trader’s full potential and offer absolute opportunity.


Leeloo Founders


Leeloo Performance-Paid service launched in summer of 2019 with the intention to capitalize a few dozen traders who needed a boost. But, due to the most economical and least restrictive approach in the industry, word of mouth and widespread demand altered those plans. In a short amount of time, word of Leeloo spread. 

Leeloo is proud of many distinctions one being the evidence suggesting the qualification percentage of traders who move from evaluation into Performance-Paid accounts being almost double our nearest competitor, which means we offer the highest opportunity available for traders! Nothing brings us more joy than to play a role in life-changing experiences, and we welcome you to join our Leeloo family, where we treat you like our own.


Our Videos

Our marketing videos have caused a lot of fun controversy! And, let us say - thank you - that's what we were looking for! I mean...how else are you going to stand out and get people talking in an industry of charts and more charts? Send out videos with more charts...NO! That's why we created some fun marketing videos - to get people talking. And - it worked! Thank you everyone! We wish you success in your trading!

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