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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules?

During your practice account, there is only have ONE rule that would cause you to fail your practice.

Reaching the Max Drawdown.

Please watch this video and read this article to fully understand the trailing drawdown.

What if I fail my practice account?

If you have a monthly practice subscription, you can do a reset

Or cancel your current subscription, and buy a new practice account.

If you are doing a LEELOO EXPRESS, those will not rebill. Therefore, no resets or need to cancel a LEELOO EXPRESS.

You can buy another Leeloo Express, or contact us for a 25% discount towards a monthly subscription if you fail a Leeloo Express.

Do you have a trailing drawdown?

Yes, we do!

We use a trailing drawdown on all Evaluations (except the Glide) and the Investor Performance Accounts. We do NOT use a trailing drawdown on the GLIDE Evaluation or the Accelerator Performance Account.

This is calculated live, Intra-Trade. To fully understand how the Trailing Drawdown works read this article and watch this video

Can I have multiple practice and Performance Accounts at the same time?


We allow traders to have multiple practice and Performance Accounts at the same time.

We only allow ONE ID per trader. If you open a new ID, you must contact us to CLOSE your old ID.

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Do you have a STATIC drawdown account?

Yes, we do.

Our static drawdown practice account is called the GLIDE.

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Do you currently have any Promotions?

We are always looking for fun ways to help our traders with sales and promotions.

To get the latest information, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Also, when you sign up for an evaluation, you also have the option to Opt-in to receive our emails.

This is the best way to find out the latest promos we are running!

How do I qualify?

It's simple!

Meet your profit target for your practice account without reaching your drawdown AND have at least 10 active U.S. Traded days

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'Too Good to be True. Great Combination of Rules and Price. Logical, Integrity-Based Program.'

Traditional Values of Ranching and Farming meet Futures Trading

As Said by our Traders - Leeloo illustrates Trust, Integrity, Honesty

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Bama, Mali

The logistics for Leeloo evaluations are so easy to set up and use. It is all made clear. Add to that the minimum rules placed on the trader in the process of evaluation and the Performance account, it all adds up to a great opportunity for one and all to progress as profitable trader.

William, CO, USA

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