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A Note from our CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

1. Choose a Practice Account of choice (i.e. 3 contracts, 8 contracts, 12 contracts, etc). **When you sign up, sign up with the full name that appears on your government-issued ID. Do not use fake or nicknames. **When you qualify for the PA™ account, the name on your account(s) MUST match your submitted ID. 

2. Click on 'Buy Now'

3. You will then be led thru the steps to make payment and create an account with Leeloo™ Trading (if you have a discount code you can use that when you make payment)

4. Once you have made payment and created your account, wait patiently and within 5-20 minutes you will receive an email and your account.

Please read more to start trading your practice account

What are the rules?

ONE rule: Don't let your account meet the drawdown.  Learn to Manage your Risk. We believed this to be the most logical rule. Managing risk is THE most important aspect of becoming a consistent, long term trader.

2 types of Drawdowns...

1. Trailing Drawdown (ALTV) - used on all accounts except the Glide and Accelerator.  The ALTV is calculated live, Intra-Trade. For additional understanding on how the ALTV works please read this article or watch this video.

2. Static Drawdown - The Glide practice account and the Accelerator Performance Account are the only two accounts where the drawdown is static and does not trail.

How do I qualify for a Performance Account?

1. Meet your profit target while managing risk (do not let your account meet the drawdown).

2. Trade a minumum of 10 active U.S. Traded days. You can also check your traded days by downloading the Leeloo app.

3. Once you have met your profit target (without meeting your Drawdown), AND traded 10 active days our Leeloo™ system will notify us that you have qualified. You will then receive an email with next steps.


Just a handful of our traders who have received Payouts in their Performance Accounts.

Learn more about Performance Accounts: Performance-Paid Trading™

Can I have multiple accounts at the same time?

Yes. Traders can have multiple practice and Performance Accounts simultaneously under one ID.

So, traders receive one ID upon sign up and then can purchase additional accounts under that ID (remember your login upon signup).

*We only allow ONE ID per trader. If you open a new ID (with a different email or login), you must contact us to CLOSE your old ID. Find out More

Can I reset my account?

You can reset your account any time you'd like to restore your account to its initial balance.  If you have a Monthly subscription, you can issue a reset from your member's area. Or, you can cancel your current subscription, and buy a new practice account.

If you have a LEELOO EXPRESS, those will not rebill so you cannot reset these. You can buy another Leeloo Express, or contact us for a 25% discount towards a monthly subscription.

Do you currently have any Promotions?

We are always looking for ways to help our traders save.

To get the latest information, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Also, when you sign up for a practice account, you also have the option to Opt-in to receive our emails. This is the best way to find out the latest promos we are running.

Watch this video to learn about even more Leeloo Offerings.

If you are new to Leeloo™, contact us and let us know so we can give you something special.

How do I Participate in Trader vs Trader Contests?

Participate in Leeloo™ Trader vs Trader Contests for actual prizes.

Contact us thru our Support Portal to find out when the next contest will be held.

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Have more questions? Check out our Knowledgebase

'Too Good to be True. Great Combination of Rules and Price. Logical, Integrity-Based Program.'

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Leeloo™ Loyalty

Welcome to Leeloo™ Loyalty just for our Leeloo™ Traders! You now can accumulate credits each time you purchase a subscription package and redeem FREE products.

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Best Company !!

Naceur, Morocco

These guys are really good and they really give importance to their clients and try to serve them as much as possible.

I loved working with these guys and i am intending to continue our relationship smoothly.

ismail, Morocco

C etait un plaisir de travailler ici.biensur que je ne vais pas baisser les brais.je ferais encore mon mieux pour me maître dans le bon chemin. Merci leeloo


I stick with Leeloo because you and Kiley offer me phenomenal support. You both are always ready to help me.

Sarah, Colorado

By the way, I love the rules. Able to trade with some room, and not have to worry about 1 min before and after, and what to be flat for, etc. Let us trade and be beneficial to all.

PR, Idaho

My experience with Leeloo trading is awesome. You have few and clear rules (nothing hidden like most competitors). You are precise and punctual, but also flexible and very customer-oriented. And you pay! I definitely would suggest your firm. You in particular have been very kind to me many times.

Gianluca Ceccato

Welcome to the Leeloo™ Family


We strive to be our traders most trusted partner. Here you can set a budget and practice in the futures markets before investing your own money. Practice Managing Risk and Trading with Consistency with the opportunity to receive real payouts thru our Performance-Paid Trading™.  Learn more

Leeloo™ is proud to be an Industry Leader as thoughtful architects of innovative programs for traders. Leeloo developed Performance-Paid Trading™ and are well-known for our outstanding customer service and first rate attention to those who trade with us.

We pride ourselves in bringing the traditional values of farming and ranching - hard work and caring for one another - to the futures community. With these traditional values as well as business knowledge and a combined 90 years in Futures Trading and Investing, we are happy to offer the trading community a supportive platform with respect, honesty and integrity, partnering with traders from all walks of life, all over the world.

We are active participants in our communities - from helping children learn to read to donating to mental health programs, St. Jude's Children's Hospital and more. We are global leaders in business and philanthropy. We carry the responsibility to think each day what we can do for others and we hope we encourage and inspire you to do the same.

our Founder Jody Dahl