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It’s very easy for me to speak highly of a company when they are doing things so well. I love companies that bring us news and I think Leeloo is improving conditions for the retail trader who doesn’t want to risk his capital. Thanks to Leeloo, the evaluation tests are no longer so complicated and the reset is very economical. Leeloo allows me to trade with less stress! I’m very proud to collaborate with Leeloo, I think we can have a very fruitful relationship.

Basi Capital

I have received multiple payouts same day as they are requested. Working with Leeloo Trading has been a better partnership than what I could have imagined and what I imagined is exactly as they advertise and present on their site. Payout, if done by wire, is awesome. They are the best firm for a profitable trader to get backing. Just look at them and their competitors. I can confirm they mean what they say. Very happy with partnership.

Kendall J

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