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Backed by Traders Worldwide: Leeloo™ illustrates Trust, Integrity, Honesty

Our traders were recently polled, and their #1 reason they love Leeloo™ was One Rule, #2  the Value and Peace of Mind in knowing Leeloo has Long Term Sustainability to be here for them for years to come, #3 Leeloo™ actually pays out. Price is what you Pay, Value is what you Get! We are here to provide long term value to our traders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

  1. Choose a Practice Account of choice (i.e. 3 contracts, 8 contracts, 12 contracts, etc). **When you sign up, sign up with the full name that appears on your government-issued ID. Do not use fake or nicknames. **When you qualify for the PA™ account, the name on your account(s) MUST match your submitted ID. 
  2. Click on 'Buy Now'
  3. You will then be led thru the steps to make payment and create an account with Leeloo™ Trading (if you have a discount code you can use that when you make payment)
  4. Once you have made payment and created your account, wait patiently and within 5-20 minutes you will receive an email and your account.

Before you begin trading, choose your trading platform. You may use any platform compatible with Rithmic data. Please read more to start trading your practice account.

  • Ninjatrader 7
  • Ninjatrader 8
  • Rithmic Pro (Free access)
  • EdgeProX https://edgeclear.com/edgeprox/ (works on Mac, Windows, Linux) 
  • Motive Wave (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • Multicharts
  • ATAS
  • https://trade.finamarksys.com/  (web based)
  • Jigsaw Daytradr
  • Trade Navigator
  • VolFix
  • Bookmap X-Ray
  • Investor/RT (Linnsoft)
  • Sierra Charts 
  • OptimusFLOW

We provide a free license key for Ninjatrader.

What is Leeloo's ONE Rule? Manage Risk

There is only ONE Rule while trading your account: Manage Risk. Don't meet the Loss Limit/Drawdown. We believed this to be the most logical rule. Managing risk is THE most important aspect of becoming a consistent, long-term trader.

Two types of Drawdowns at Leeloo...

  1. Trailing Drawdown (ALTV) - used on all accounts except the Glide and Accelerator.  The ALTV is calculated live, Intra-Trade. For additional understanding of how the ALTV works please read this article or watch this video.
  2. Static Drawdown - The Glide practice account and the Accelerator Performance Account are the only two accounts where the drawdown is static and does not trail.


What if I meet my drawdown?

  1. If you meet your drawdown, you can RESET your account to 'start over' and start trading your account again.
  2. If you have a LEELOO EXPRESS, it does not rebill so you cannot reset these. You can buy another Leeloo Express, or contact us for a 25% discount towards a monthly subscription.

How do I qualify for a Performance Account?

  1. Meet your profit target while managing risk (do not let your account meet the drawdown).
  2. Trade a minumum of 10 active U.S. Traded days. You can check your traded days by downloading the Leeloo app.

Once you have qualified, our Leeloo™ system will notify us. You will then receive an email with next steps.

Can I have multiple accounts at the same time?

Yes. Traders can have multiple practice and Performance Accounts simultaneously under one ID. Traders receive one ID upon sign up and then can purchase additional accounts under that ID (remember your login upon signup).

*We only allow ONE ID per trader. If you open a new ID (with a different email or login), you must contact us to CLOSE your old ID. Find out More

Do you currently have any Promotions?

We are always looking for ways to help our traders save.

To get the latest information, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Also, when you sign up for a practice account, you also have the option to Opt-in to receive our emails. This is the best way to find out the latest promos we are running.

Watch this video to learn about even more Leeloo Offerings.

If you are new to Leeloo™, contact us and let us know so we can give you something special.

How do I Participate in Trader vs Trader Contests?

Participate in Leeloo™ Trader vs Trader Contests for actual prizes.

Contact us thru our Support Portal to find out when the next contest will be held.

Have more questions? Check out our Knowledgebase

'Too Good to be True. Great Combination of Rules and Price. Logical, Integrity-Based Program.' Trust and Value

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Leeloo™ Loyalty

Welcome to Leeloo™ Loyalty just for our Leeloo™ Traders! You now can accumulate credits each time you purchase a subscription package and redeem FREE products.

Our Priority is YOU.


Leeloo now appearing in 114 countries

147 Countries and counting...

Are you ready to join Traders Worldwide?

Je me sens bien avec Leeloo Trading et je m'investi beaucoup en temps et en argent pour développer ce partenariat avec leeloo. Ils ont de très bonnes évaluations avec des règles simples sans complication et encore une très bonne équipe d'assistance très réactive à vous rendre la tache plus facile.

je vous recommande Leeloo Trading pour ceux qui cherchent à construire une relation commerciale dans le temps.

Abdelghani, Morocco


danke für die erszen Schhritte! VG HR

Hartfried, Germany

I really enjoy working with Leeloo. Every customer support question I’ve had has been answered quickly - sometimes even on weekends! I’m very happy to have just received my first payout, too! Thanks, guys - I hope to work with you for a long time.


I have tried Leeloo trading to finance my trading without risking my own capital. I have financed myself the first time with the express evaluation and from the first day I am showing my profitability. I have managed to withdraw $ 1750 in the first opportunity that the firm gives me.

I am very happy with the experience. Not having a maximum daily loss limit relaxes me a lot to apply my trading. I recommend Leeloo trading.

Victor Valenzuela

Huge smile, genuinely appreciate the opportunity and the continued support.

It has now been 6 months as a trader with Leeloo Trading. So whats changed from my last review? My confidence in the team the continued support continues to be supreme. Remarkable group and an opportunity for those who have put in the work and developed profitable skill set that is unmatched. Hands down the best group on earth look forward to the continued success and partnership.

And of course the money is very real and the payouts are very real.

Thank you again for your continued support and partnership LeeLoo Trading.

Kendall J, 6 Month Review

very good customer service....

adelsindo, NJ, USA

Welcome to the Leeloo™ Family


Thousands of moms, dads, teachers, and business owners trade with Leeloo™. Its founder, Jody, comes from a ranching and farming background, and hails from a family where a huge work ethic is front and center. Jody loves the community and camaraderie, and wants to do right by her customers.

Jody got into day trading in 2015, knew nothing about the markets, and taught herself.

Many desire to day trade, but the dream of a day trading job is - for many - not realistic. Many lose money due to inexperience.

Leeloo™ gives customers the opportunity to “practice” in the market. People come to Leeloo™ because the company makes them feel valued and they know it’s a trusted and legitimate platform. People have stayed because they feel valued. Leeloo™ customers can explore whether they have what it takes, if they need more practice, and can test out different indicators and strategies with the chance of winning real money as they strengthen their trading acumen. Learn more.

Leeloo™ developed this model.

our Founder Jody Dahl