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I just received my payment from leeloo trading, those guys are professional, answer all questions and pays. Hope our partnership lasts as long as possible. Instagram: @bobsthebeard

Youssef M

I am very pleased to provide this unsolicited appraisal of my time and experience with LeeLoo/Natural Trading.  I approached the firm's representatives about having an opportunity to share my perspective because it stands out as the single best experience I've encountered in the prop trading/qualification space.

There are many fine firms from which to choose in the industry, and I have direct experience of many of them; TopStep and OneUp come immediately to mind. 

What makes LeeLoo stand apart from the crowd, however, is their sincere desire for, and support of, every trader's success.  Their customer service is unparalleled in both its speed and--while it might sound surprising--empathy; they truly care whether their clients succeed and move forward in support of their trading careers.  Their long-term perspective in seeking lasting relationships with traders is unique in the industry, both in the trial and particularly in the funded phases of their program.  In addition--and important for many just starting out in the field--their fees are significantly lower than their competitors.

Again, trading provides both choices and freedom--choices of style and approach, and choices of firms with which to partner.  Freedom comes from learning to follow rules that work, which is the foundation of LeeLoo's risk management program.  In total, I believe they are the clear winner and the winning choice for traders.  I am truly glad to be working with them and I would encourage anyone seeking this kind of opportunity to partner with them as well.  You'll be very glad you did.

Dr. Thomas Stapleford

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