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**Attention Traders**
Payouts can ONLY be requested on the Last Saturday o
f the month

for the majority of traders.
Any other traders with special accounts, 

They can request only on Saturdays.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

  1. Choose the practice account of your choice, i.e. $25k Aspire (3 contracts), $50k Launch (8 contracts), etc.
  2. Click “Buy Now” (Make sure you sign up with your full name exactly as it reads on your government issued identification; do not use a fake name or a nickname; if you qualify for a PA, you must submit government issued identification)
  3. Follow the steps to purchase the practice account and create an account with Leeloo Trading
  4. Once payment is complete, your account will be created. Please allow up to 15 minutes to receive an email containing your credentials.
  5. A video tutorial is available here

Before you begin trading, you must follow these steps:

  1. Choose your trading platform (see list below)
  2. Downloaded R|TraderPro (your credentials are located in the email received with “Welcome” in the title)
  3. Complete and sign all the Rithmic Documents
  4. Connect your platform to Rithmic
  5. Review all Instruments available to trade

Supported Trading Platforms

  • Ninjatrader 7 / 8 (We provide a free license key for Ninjatrader)
  • Rithmic Pro (Free access)
  • EdgeProX (works on Mac, Windows, Linux) 
  • Motive Wave (Mac, Windows, Linux)
  • Multicharts
  • ATAS
  • Finamark Systems (web based)
  • Jigsaw Daytradr
  • Trade Navigator
  • VolFix
  • Bookmap X-Ray
  • Investor/RT (Linnsoft)
  • Sierra Charts 
  • OptimusFLOW

How much are the Performance Account Fees?

Once you qualify for a Performance Account, there are two options available.

  1. The monthly subscription is $88 per month per Performance Account
  2. The one-time fee is $250 per Performance Account

Trading frequency must be carefully considered when deciding between the monthly subscription and the one-time fee.
The one-time fee is designed for active traders that will trade their Performance Account a minimum of 12 trading days each calendar month. Deliberately placing minimal trades only to count as a trading day or keep a near-depleted account active, is not permissible.

How to sign up with Rise Works

How do I qualify for a Performance Account?

  1. Meet your Profit Target while Managing Risk (do not let your account meet the drawdown).
  2. Trade for a minimum of 10 active U.S. Traded days.
    Check your traded days by downloading the Leeloo mobile app...
    Get the Leeloo App for Apple Ios Get the Leeloo App for Android

Can I have multiple accounts at the same time?

Yes. Traders are allowed to maintain multiple practice and Performance Accounts simultaneously.

Traders are only allowed one Rithmic ID. When purchasing additional practice accounts, make sure to login with your Leeloo account credentials. This ensures all your accounts are associated with the same Rithmic ID.

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What are the rules for a Performance Account (PA)?

Trading Rules for Performance Accounts (PA)

What are the key rules for Performance Accounts?

1. 30% Rule: Daily profits in a PA should not exceed 30% of the net profit from the initial starting balance, promoting responsible risk management and consistent trading growth.

2. No Flipping Policy: Engaging in trades just to meet minimum activity requirements is discouraged. In PAs, less than 5% of trading days should be 'flipping' days.

Read more here: https://support.leelootrading.com/kb/a190/understanding-the-30-rule-for-performance-accounts.aspx

3. Don't reach the Max drawdown.

Definition: The Limited Trailing Minimum Account Balance (LTMAB) or Auto Liquidate Threshold Value (ALTV) is a rising trailing max drawdown that tracks your open equity intra-trade, based on the unrealized highest profit point in your Practice Account.

Max Drawdown Example: For an 8 contract account, the assigned max drawdown might be $2,500.

Operation: This limit trails your highest unrealized profit throughout the Practice Account's life. If this threshold is met, your position will automatically liquidate, resulting in the loss of the Performance Account.

Consequences of Meeting LTMAB/ALTV:

Auto Liquidation: Upon reaching the LTMAB/ALTV, you'll see a message indicating restricted trading, with only administrators able to place orders.

Read more: https://support.leelootrading.com/kb/a44/rising-trailing-max-drawdown-explained.aspx

4. Don't hold more than 3 micros at the close of the market.

Up to 3 micros can be held through close without permission. For standard lots or more than 3 micros, admin approval is required, with sufficient profit to cover Maintenance Margin.

Unapproved holding of more than 3 micros can result in account closure and loss of balance.

Trades must be flat 15 minutes before market close, unless admin permission is granted.

Read more: https://support.leelootrading.com/kb/a103/2_-holding-positions-during-the-close.aspx

5. Do not copy trade another user, to not have another user trade your account.

6. No SIM Abuse allowed.

Do you currently have any Promotions?

We are always looking for ways to help our traders save.

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It's the small things...

  • Trade with Flexibility
  • Swing Trade
  • No Scaling
  • No Daily Drawdown
  • Trade Holidays & News
  • Trade Full Contracts
  • Multiple Accounts ONE login
  • No maximum trading period

trade with us

  • Leeloo™ Exclusives
  • Leeloo™ App to close trades, participate in contests and view trading progress from anywhere
  • Leeloo™ Loyalty Program
  • Leeloo Express™, Full Refund when you Qualify
  • FREE Trial for new members
  • FREE NinjaTrader License key
  • Simple Rules

Trading with Leeloo™

Many desire to invest in the market, but the dream of personally investing for oneself can be unrealistic. Many lose money due to inexperience. The market is crowded with individuals who cannot develop their full potential and trading talent due to lack of knowledge, experience, trading capital or other reasons.

Leeloo™, through its proprietary software platform, provides individuals an opportunity to test their skills in the market with simulated currency and the potential for payouts via periodic performance based contests, well known as Leeloo's Performance Based Trading and Contests™. Leeloo™ is the leading education platform that champions retail traders and those who want to invest for themselves.  People from all over the world trade with Leeloo™ because they know it’s a trusted and legitimate platform and they feel valued. Leeloo™ customers can explore whether they have what it takes, if they need more practice, or can test out different indicators and strategies as they strengthen their trading acumen.

Leeloo™ developed this model.

Some of our winners...

Traders from these countries have achieved Multiple payouts via Leeloo's periodic performance-based contests. Congratulations!

  • Peru
  • Argentina
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Mexico
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • Colombia
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • New Zealand
  • USA
  • Morocco
  • Italy
  • Spain

Leeloo Leaderboard

Leeloo™ Leaderboard

Ranking for the $25k Aspire account for Sun 09 Jun 2024 to Sat 15 Jun 2024

Dancel, Hawaii, USABalance$46,988Trades10Win Rate60%
Jakub, PolandBalance$38,981Trades31Win Rate35.5%
Jakub, PolandBalance$38,599Trades32Win Rate34.4%
Jakub, PolandBalance$38,220Trades36Win Rate33.3%
Mohamed, MoroccoBalance$34,827Trades5Win Rate80%
Jakub, PolandBalance$34,305Trades31Win Rate35.5%
Jakub, PolandBalance$33,630Trades32Win Rate34.4%
Jakub, PolandBalance$33,259Trades34Win Rate35.3%
Marcos, GermanyBalance$31,769Trades82Win Rate47.6%
adam, MoroccoBalance$30,752Trades60Win Rate55%

Trader shout out...

You can find more trader stats on the leaderboard in our Leeloo™ app.

  • Massimiliano, Italy: May profit of $20,580 (3 trades, 66.7% win rate)
  • Martin, Spain: weekly profit of $6,104 (1 trades, 100% win rate)
  • Abdessamad, Morocco: May profit of $5,096 (1 trades, 100% win rate)
  • Alexandre, France: weekly profit of $5,259 (66 trades, 36.4% win rate)
  • Cristian, USA: May profit of $7,302 (1 trades, 100% win rate)
  • ADILSON, Brazil: weekly profit of $14,516 (3 trades, 100% win rate)

The leaderboard is derived from actual data. All trade performance is reflective of real Leeloo customers placing trades in simulation. All data is verifiable via Rithmic, LLC.

Check out just a few of our 5 star reviews

Are you ready to join Traders Worldwide?

LEELOO a well-known TOP Futures Evaluation Company
LEELOO is a TOP futures evaluation company. They have been around since the beginning, way before some other companies copied them. I was amazed by their knowledge base, everything was there, no other company had such good detailed info. They are trustworthy.
I saw their evolution, and currently they are very innovative, with unique evaluations, contests, promos and very active in YouTube, Facebook, Instagram (the CEO Chris is a nice person and very approachable on YouTube live, currently once a week),
They have the traditional (LL) evals (unrealized Drawdown), and also one Static Drawdown eval option.
There is only one eval rule, do not hit the Drawdown. It's worth mentioning that you can't fail the eval by entering more contracts than allowed, as they are just rejected.
There are no consistency rule in both eval and once you pass the eval, which is great, as there is more freedom.
Once fulfilled the eval, you have the option of a monthly fee or one time fee (sometimes are promotions).
Payouts are at the end of the month, provided you have the required trading days, this way you are focused on steady good trading instead of thinking of money which could affect the trading itself.
From time to time they promote weekly evals (WK) which sport weekly payouts, which is great.
They also run some amazing trading contests, and if you are one of the winners they pay quickly after the contest.
Summing things up. LEELOO is one of the pioneers and a trustworthy company that feels like family.
You can Google LEELOOTrading for Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube links, where you can find some promos and contests.

Date of experience: March 12, 2023


Leeloo is the best!

I have been with Lee Loo well over two years and I only work with Lee Loo. Lee Loo is the best for their customer service, with their many creative cost saving accounts and the CEO Chris reaches out to us traders every week how Lee Loo can help us.

Date of experience: April 04, 2023

Huy, USA

Simply the best

I was referred to Leeloo by a friend, a fellow trader; I've also had experienced with other funded prop firm with their rules and guidelines... I say that Leeloo is the best in my opinion.

I made a mistake in my account and messed up my evaluations, one that most of the funded prop firm that I had worked with would not have helped getting fixed since it was my fault. Skeptically, I sent a request explaining what happened; even though it was Friday after market and everything was closed, I was amazed to quickly receive a message from Leeloo. After explaining the problem, to my surprise, helpdesk proceed and explain the process of how it would be resolved it.

Now, I am funded with 3 PAs and look forward building a long term profitable relationship.

Thank you Leeloo!

Date of experience: February 23, 2023

Gil Jooh, USA