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Leeloo News

You started trading for a reason! You want to learn and grow.

You don't shy away from challenging yourself to elevate your game. You know the investment of time has the potential to lead to worthwhile gains. 

Coming soon to you...

Real Leeloo™

Leeloo Trader vs. Trader Contests™

We have a New Crowned King NQ! Christopher C. From Virginia, USA!


Leeloo Trader vs Trader Contests™

Join your peers in a trading contest like no other...

  • Low-Cost Entry Fee
  • Unlimited Entries per trader
  • Compete against your Peers
  • Grow your skills while having fun
  • Earn your way to the top of the leaderboard
  • Real Payouts
  • Carry Trades (Overnight)
  • No Daily Drawdown




Special Note

  • For all accounts, the Leeloo Leaderboard records each account stats individually.
  • The leaderboard is derived from actual data. All trade performance is reflective of real Leeloo customers placing trades in simulation. All data is verifiable via Rithmic, LLC.
  • Those traders shown multiple times have purchased multiple accounts.