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How to Use the Leeloo APP

How to sign up for Leeloo the first time

How to purchase a practice account with Leeloo

How to log into Rtrader Pro first time

How to connect NinjaTrader 8 (NT8) without plug-in (Most Common)

How to connect to NinjaTrader 8 (NT8) with plug-in

How to buy an add on

How to do a reset with Leeloo

How to cancel a subscription

How to fill out payout form. For all traders U.S Citizens and Non- U.S Citizens

How to set your own risk parameters in R Trader Pro

Lag issue. Tip 1, Sync computer clock

Trailing Drawdown Explained (MUST WATCH) Intra trade Trailing drawdown

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mourad, Morocco

I traded within the micro-transition account. At first I had reservation, but then liked it. It offered a nice transition into a live account and removed a lot of the emotions that go with trading live. I ended up hitting my loss limit but not until Phase 3. But that was of no fault of the program, I overleveraged. I will continue working with Leeloo and encourage others to work with them also.

Jon, Colorado