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Just wanted to give a shout out to Leeloo and the support team. My dealings
with everyone have been fantastic. The evaluation process was smooth and
whenever I had a question, the support team was always there to help.
I have now graduated to the Performance paid account. I must admit I was a
little leery when the time came to receive my first payout. There was
paperwork that needed to be filled out and I needed help with most of it.
The support team was right there to help me each step of the way. Finally
it was payday. I figured they would tell me I did something incorrect and
that they couldn't pay me that month. I couldn't have been more wrong! My
first payment showed up in my bank account a day sooner than I expected and
it has been smooth sailing every day since. I have now received two
payments and they congratulate me each month on my success.
I love the fact that I can trade on NinjaTrader as I am very familiar with
that platform. My experience with Leeloo has exceeded my expectations and I
look forward to a rewarding relationship.

Lance Pixler, USA

Hi Chris [support team with Leeloo], I am really grateful for your time and dedication to my problem, as well as on other occasions you have been of great help to me. And it has managed to keep me trying to get financed by Leeloo. I'm really grateful, since their response time is very fast, people like that make the company grow. I can only say THANK YOU for being on the other side when clients need you.

Susana A