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Leeloo Tutorials

Just getting started with Leeloo? Our video tutorials will help you on your journey...


How to sign up for Leeloo the first time

Logging At Support Portal

Cannot Login On Leelootrading.com

Terms And Conditions Before Purchasing

Trailing Drawdown Explained (MUST WATCH) Intra trade Trailing drawdown

Selecting An Account

Filling Out Signup Form

How To Apply A Coupon

How to purchase a practice account with Leeloo

How To Make The Payment

Welcome To Leeloo Email

Receiving Confirmation Email

How to download R|Trader Pro

How to log into Rtrader Pro first time

Signing Data Agreements

How To Purchase Market Depth

How to buy an add on

How to Use the Leeloo APP

Where To Find Ninjatrader License Key

How to connect NinjaTrader 8 (NT8) without plug-in (Most Common)

How to connect to NinjaTrader 8 (NT8) with plug-in

How to set your own risk parameters in R Trader Pro

Lag issue. Tip 1, Sync computer clock

How To Reset A Practice Account

How to do a reset with Leeloo

How To Reset Multiple Accounts

How To Cancel A Subscription

How to cancel a subscription

How To Check Your Leeloo Reward Points

How to fill out payout form. For all traders U.S Citizens and Non- U.S Citizens

114 Countries and counting...

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helpful, hopeful, partners

highly recommended A +++

I have tried many others and always come back to Leeloo, where I will now stay and grow together

sandy, MN, USA

A little message just to tell you that you are the best and that I love you, even before knowing all of them personally through all the exchanges that I have had with you, we feel a lot of kindness and availability. God willing when I will be with you after a year I will come to visit you and continue like that. You are the best

Othmane G