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Leeloo News


Leeloo LB™

Leeloo Bundle Accounts

  • When you purchase an LB, you will receive THREE accounts for the price of 1. (During special promotions, we may increase the account numbers in the bundle).
  • Each account is non-recurring.
  • Only ONE account can qualify for a PA, although you will receive THREE accounts with each purchase.
  • A Reset will only reset ONE account within the bundle, NOT the whole bundle.
  • Only good for 30 days from the day you buy. It will NOT bill again.

'Too Good to be True. Great Combination of Rules and Price. Logical, Integrity-Based Program.'


Leeloo LE™


Leeloo Entry Accounts. The max Payout per the first 4 months is as follows...

  • Aspire: $200/month
  • Launch: $300/month
  • Climb: $350/month
  • Cruise: $400/month
  • Burst: $500/month
  • Explode: $600/month
  • Glide: Varies based on profit. Please see link below.

LE Payout Structure