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Real Leeloo™: Honest and authentic stories from real financial traders

We're doing something new and we're excited to share – read on to find out more and to see why we need people like you, our global community of traders from all walks of life. 

Real Leeloo™

The world of financial trading is complex. Some on the periphery view it as mysterious, inaccessible and risky...

To others, day trading and futures trading are exhilarating, provide flexibility are tools to enhance one's livelihood that can benefit their family for generations.

Each viewpoint is valid and likely has a personal story connected to it.

Trade magazines, finance podcasts and social media stories sometimes miss the more surprising, more interesting stories – the real human story: Stories of everyday traders from all walks of life; the janitor and the judge.

Everyday traders who are willing to open up, be vulnerable and share authentic experiences of their journeys in day trading; their successes, struggles and learnings along the way.

Stories about the impact of futures trading on one's life and family, stories of hope.

These are the types of narratives that exist within the Leeloo™ Trading community.

'Real Leeloo™.' Honest and authentic stories from real financial traders. A dedicated video series that illuminates the experiences of Traders worldwide and will serve as a platform to cultivate community, connect global neighbors and give people hope as they seek to make dreams a reality.

What is the Leeloo™ video series?

'Real Leeloo™.' will be a new video series by Leeloo Trading illuminating and connecting our global community of traders.

Often in the financial trading space, we strategize alone without hearing about the struggles and triumphs of others.

That's why we're launching this new video series, highlighting the real stories of real traders and their genuine experiences.

We firmly believe that through authentic storytelling we can learn from our shared experiences, and create new pathways to empower and support one another.

Why we want you!

You started trading for a reason! You want to learn and grow.

You don't shy away from challenging yourself to elevate your game. You know the investment of time has the potential to lead to worthwhile gains.

Let's learn from each other. You (yes, you!) have an intriguing and valuable story to tell about your journey in trading, and we want to hear it!

Stories about the impact of trading on one's life, stories of hope.

Stories of successes, struggles and learnings along the way so others can learn from your experiences.

Be a part of Real Leeloo™

We have found our first group of traders. If you would like to be involved in the next round, please get in touch with our team to be added to the waiting list!. If you're interested in being involved in this unique project designed to strengthen and build community. We look for a variety of traders from different geographic locations, ages, life experiences and perspectives, backgrounds, careers, and a nice mix of men and women who want to tell their story!

We seek enthusiastic Leeloo™ traders eager to join our community video series and share their stories.  You'll get to work with a team of creatives, filmmakers and producers who will guide you from the comfort of your own home (anywhere in the world!) in telling and recording your story. Our team will take care of all the details and work with you remotely. All you have to do is show up and shine!

You'll need to...

  • Feel comfortable speaking on camera and can clearly express your ideas and thoughts in an engaging way. 
  • Share unique stories about your challenges, victories and learnings using the Leeloo platform, and trading in the finance world. (By unique, we mean we want to hear diversity in your learning).
  • Be willing to dedicate time to a pre-interview, recorded interview and be open to sharing photographs or cell phone video content that helps bring your story to life. In other words, you'll work with us during the production process and help ensure we get the best story possible from you.
  • Have adequate WiFi video service and a laptop with a built-in/connected camera, or a cell phone with precise video capability for recording interviews. You'll get clear direction from us during the pre-interview on preparing for your official video recording.

I'd like to find out more about taking part

Meet our team of creators!

We will be working with Hélène Biandudi Hofer who has worked with CBS and more! 

Hélène Biandudi Hofer is a journalist, documentary filmmaker, media entrepreneur, and conflict coach. For nearly a decade she led an award-winning news magazine program in Rochester, NY, focused on exploring remedies to societal challenges. Her work spans investigating police reform in Camden, New Jersey, to examining education opportunities in South Sudan. Hélène is co-founder (alongside New York Times bestselling author and journalist Amanda Ripley) of Good Conflict, which supports communities and newsrooms seeking ways to turn conflict into something constructive. She has trained more than a thousand journalists across 125 newsrooms throughout the world on how to transform their coverage of controversial issues. Hélène credits her passion for journalism and storytelling to her Nkoko [great-grandmother], who was the oral historian of the Biandudi family in Kinshasa, DRC.

Introducing the fabulous team of creators from HBH Enterprises Media Group that you'll get to work with on this project.

Real Leeloo Creative Team


I'd like to be on Real Leeloo!

Practice trading the market with Leeloo!

Leeloo Trading is here to provide you with a platform where you can better learn about the market, and potentially come out with more knowledge and experience.

Leeloo Trading allows you to practice in the market and hone your skills in futures trading.

Sign up for an account today and get your futures trading journey started!

We at Leeloo™ Trading apply decades of solid family values to working with traders of all levels, from all over the world. 

Click here to find out why you become part of the family with Leeloo Trading and learn about our Leeloo™ funding challenge! 



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