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Trade less to live more’ is an integral part of Leeloo’s ethos – we firmly believe in family first. Here we explain how our unique approach to investing has been shaped by decades of solid family values.

Leeloo™ , by Leeloo Trading , is an innovative software platform that allows traders with all skill levels, from all walks of life, all round the world to get started in the market and test their ability, before directly investing.

Through Leeloo Trading’s software platform, our traders receive potential payouts through our Performance Paid Trading ™ upon completion of set benchmarks.

Leeloo™ Trading: A family affair

In our recent blog post, ‘Leeloo Trading: The Innovative Trading Company That’s Big On Trust And Value’, we highlighted the unique thinking behind Leeloo Trading and how Leeloo’s Founder, Jody’s farming and ranching background has inspired her to apply the same values to Leeloo Trading.

Number one most important thing in Jody’s multi-generational ranching and farming family is… family!

Check out this video showing how farming and ranching truly is a family affair, and how they continue to pass down what they love to the next generation.

The kids are naturally immersed into their family culture!

And at Leeloo™, it’s also about helping families for generations to come – offering them a low-risk, affordable platform to enter into the market, trading simulated funds to hone their skills and become market-educated.

How to get started in the market

We want to offer YOU, our valued traders, the platform to get started in the market with simulated funds.

As you progress and graduate to your own live account, you can pass Leeloo onto your next generation when they are ready, offering THEM a low-risk affordable platform to become potentially educated. 

We care. Our family and Leeloo, are active participants in our communities – from helping children learn to read, to donating to mental health programs, supporting St. Jude's Children's Hospital and more.

We are global leaders in business and philanthropy.

We carry the responsibility to think each day what we can do for others, and we hope we encourage and inspire you to do the same.

Join Leeloo Trading today and discover how their unique approach will help you get started in the market. 

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