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Leeloo Trading Founder, Jody Dahl and her family are proud to call 'Big Sky Country' Montana home. Here we share six fun things you probably didn't know about Montana USA!

Grizzly bears in Montana

Grizzly Bear in Montana

Montana is also home to a very large population of the majestic grizzly bear.

Today there is thought to be an estimated 1,800 big brown bears in Montana – so many in fact, the Montana grizzly has been chosen as the official state animal. 

Minerals and millionaires

Montana boasts huge amounts of zinc, copper, silver, lead, oil, manganese and gold deposits, and in 1888, post-Gold Rush, there were more millionaires per capita in Helena, Montana than in any other city in the world.

Big birds

Pelican in flight

Every spring, a staggering 10,000 enormous white pelicans migrate from the Gulf of Mexico to Medicine Lake, Montana.

What makes these birds so interesting is that they have huge wingspans of about nine feet, tip to tip!

Other-worldly portals

Montana is home to an extremely bizarre natural phenomenon known as the 'Montana Vortex'.

Located 13 miles west of Glacier National Park, the Montana Vortex is 'a genuine quantum or gravitational anomaly that may re-define the laws of physics and nature'.

When you pass through the portal, it seems that some laws of physics, like perspective and gravity, are strangely skewed.

Native Americans were the first to recognize this naturally occurring phenomenon and still honor it today with offerings of tobacco and sweet grass.  

Golden eagles galore!

Montana has the largest population of golden eagles in the United States.

In Montana, you can see more eagles on a single day than anywhere else in the country!

Wild moose chase

Wild moose in Montana

Montana is home to approximately 8,000 moose, which were once thought to be extinct.

We got beef!

Beef cattle ranching is huge in Montana and there are twice as many cattle as there are humans in Big Sky Country.

So there are some fun things you probably didn't know about Montana, it's a truly fascinating place: wild, rugged, vast and beautiful.

Are there any we've missed out? Let us know!

Jody and her family have lived in Montana for generations – here's why you become part of the family with Leeloo Trading.


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