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READ ALL 6 OF THE FOLLOWING ITEMS  before you begin 


1.  Understand our ONE RULE


  • The Max Trailing Drawdown (ALTV) trails throughout the ENTIRE Evaluation from your OPEN EQUITY (not closed profit). 
  • If the ALTV is met, and you attempt to place a new order, you will see a popup:  "Orders Can Be Placed by Administrators Only''. You will not be able to trade the account until you reset. 
  • Track your ALTV on the R|Trader Dashboard. It updates throughout your open, active position.  
  • You must read and comprehend Our ONE RULE before you begin trading. Contact us if you are not clear BEFORE you trade.


  • You CAN NOT connect to other platforms until completing these steps.  


  • When you sign Rithmic Trader self certification documents- Choose CORRECTLY:  NON PROFESSIONAL or PROFESSIONAL.  Professional Traders pre-pay an additional $452 per month fee.  
  • Ninjatrader license key. Have one? Use your own. Need one? Use ours.  Where do I locate 
  • See item 6 below regarding weekend connection issues

3. Read the FAQs


It is irresponsible to begin trading or contact support with any questions, without having first read through our Knowledge Base of information. 

4. Cancelling Your Subscription - *No Refunds*

  • To avoid rebilling cancel your subscription
  • Failing your Evaluation does NOT automatically cancel your subscription.
  • If you cancel, the account will close on the expiration date.
  • If you cancel a subscription to avoid an auto renewal fee, it is irreversable. Leeloo can NOT revive that particular account.

5. Monthly Renewal

  • ONLY renews your EXPIRATION DATE
  • Monthly Renewal does NOT impact your balance or restore an account in failed status.  
  • If you want to update your balance or failed account, you will need to purchase a Reset 

6. Weekend Connection Issues


Rithmic runs updates between 17:00 EST Friday and 17:30 EST Sunday. Often you will NOT be able to log in during this time period.

  • NEW ACCOUNTS- If you purchase an account during the time-period above, you will receive a welcome email, however you will NOT be able to login or connect until 18:00 EST Sunday. 18:00 EST Sunday, follow Step 2 above (connection).
  • EXISTING ACCOUNTS- Log in after 18:00 EST Sunday.

Thank you and welcome aboard!

The Leeloo Team