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Bounce Traderby Trading Habitually

Get your fills faster and more accurately. Bounce Trader supports OCO, Market And Limit Orders. It is tightly integrated to trade bounce from EMA strategy. Bounce Trader is an addon to NinjaTrader platform. It is an enhanced chart trader that allows you to scalp the market and be fast. Whether you trade futures or forex it will be a great addition to your trading arsenals.

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Guardian Angel Traderby DayTraderProfesional

Emotional management system for NinjaTrader 8. Control your daily loss, max position, and many others features that will help you to be on the right path.

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Discipline Managerby TREMPER.com

Discipline ManagerĀ® is designed to allow you to set your own hard daily and weekly drawdown limit along with your goals. If your hard drawdown limits are hit, you're done for the day and/or week with new trades not allowed. Once your daily or weekly goal is hit, you can continue to trade but never giving back more than your set percentage or dollar amount of your goal, and if hit, you're done.

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xTraderby FxM Trading

Enhanced Chart Trader that will supercharge your existing chart trader by adding additional buttons to move your stops to breakeven, buy of sell at the top of the previous bar, change quantities easily and much more.

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