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Median Convergence Divergenceby nt8Indicators

The Median Convergence Divergence ( MCD ) is a derivative of the Moving Average Convergence Divergence ( MACD ). The difference is the change in the use of the measure of central tendency. In MACD , moving average (mean) is used, whereas, in MCD , the median is used instead. The purpose of using the median is to eliminate the outlying values, which would be calculated for a moving average. The out

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Smart Trend Heat Mapby IndicatorSmart.com

Get a free Smart Trend HeatMap Indicator for NinjaTrader 8 From IndicatorSmart.com. We've long used this awesome indicator for building trading systems. Now you can get it for free with other Special Benefits, Offers, and Cutting Edge Day Trading Webinars. Join us and Get it Now at our home page on the right!

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Smart Trapped Trader Oscillator Advancedby IndicatorSmart.com

The Trapped Trader Oscillator Advanced (TTOA) is a 4th generation professional complete Day Trading Order Flow Solution that helps reveal break-out (Order Flow Momentum) and Trapped Trader scenarios. The TTOA has over 40 known trading patterns associated with it, with probabilities for follow through ranging from more than 75% to 90+%. Also take a look at our TTOA Package Lease Programs .

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Support/Resistance Radarby ninZa.co

Support/Resistance Radar is our excellent PRIME* indicator in the S/R family that took us two years to develop. It was made with swing points, the visual concept of Market Profile, and our proprietary algorithm. The final result is an amazing tool that can find outstanding S/R zones. It helps traders traverse the market and take opportunities, much like radar helps a plane navigate.

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FreePrint - free Footprint for NinjaTrader 8by emoji trading

Add footprints to NT8 for FREE! A 100% free footprint add-on with essential features for order flow analysis: • bid/ask imbalances • delta at price • summary bar data • POC highlight • two column displays (delta & volume) • delta profile Works with ALL NT8 licenses! Get your free, fully functional download today!

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mzFootprint Indicator for NinjaTrader 8by Mzpack Pro

Two-sided Footprint – independent Left and Right Footprints for each bar Footprint styles: Bid x Ask, Volume, Delta, TradesNumber Optional Tape Reconstruction (aggregation of order flow) Patterns search: Imbalance and Absorption Automatic Support/Resistance $169 Lifetime licence 1 Device You will receive your license key within 24 business hours (usually 2-3 hours) by email

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