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You started trading for a reason! You want to learn and grow.

You don't shy away from challenging yourself to elevate your game. You know the investment of time has the potential to lead to worthwhile gains. 

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Automated Strategies

Strategy that trades automatically for you based on a fixed set of rules

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KyngdomDeltaV1by Kyngdom Trading LLC

Delta Volume Supply & Demand Strategy with Semi Automated Chart Trader System for Futures, Stocks and Forex. The Complete Trading System for Any Market.

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Opening Range Strategyby Constantine Enterprise

The Futures markets provides the day trader with a fantastic highly leveraged trading vehicle that can lead to large profits even for small beginning account holders. However this built in leverage is a double-edged sword and many new futures traders can experience large draw-downs and take losses in their accounts when first starting out as they attempt to work through the learning curve ex

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Three Line Strike Strategyby Constantine Enterprise

The Three Line Strike is a trend continuation candlestick pattern consisting of four candles. Depending on their heights and collocation, a bullish or a bearish trend continuation can be predicted.

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