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Welcome back to our Leeloo’s Trade Secrets! We’re excited to bring to you our second trader interview with Basi Capital. 

When asked "Why work with Leeloo?", Basi Capital replied:

“I’m proud to collaborate with Leeloo – I think that if we work together we can grow faster and I’ll endeavour to answer all your questions with the intention of adding value, and helping other traders to continue improving”.

Interview with Trader of the Month: Basi Capital

Trader Basi Capital

How long have you been trading?
Three years – at first without any success and then I decided to take some courses. Over time I think I’ve been progressing.

How did you get into trading?
I began with YouTube videos and follow different channels on trading.

What’s your favorite thing about trading?
You don’t have to depend on anyone, you just depend on yourself.

How do you manage your trading psychology?
In my opinion it’s the most difficult part of trading. I trade live on YouTube and this really helps me to respect the rules, because I can’t afford to let my followers down.

Do you have a specific strategy you’d like to share?
I have a backtested strategy, but I think it is the trader who makes a strategy good. Not everyone can use my strategy – it’s based on volume and price action.

What’s the best piece of trading advice you’ve ever received?
You have to preserve your capital and let the probability fall on your side.

Do you have a business that you’d love to tell our community about?
My little business is my YouTube channel, you can find me as ‘Basi Capital’. I am developing the Tradingonline.shop website as well.

Why do you work with Leeloo?
I love companies that bring us news and I think Leeloo is improving conditions for the retail trader who doesn’t want to risk his capital. Thanks to Leeloo, the evaluation tests are no longer so complicated and the reset is very economical.

What have you enjoyed the most about Leeloo?
Leeloo allows me to trade with less stress!

Is there anything that you’d just love for the trading community to know about you?
Yes; that I am very happy as a trader and I’m very proud of the trader community I’m creating.

Is there anything you’d like our community to know about your trading community?
I’d like them to join my community since we do everything without profit and in order to add value.

What’s your top trading tip?
Treat trading as a passion.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I’m very proud to collaborate with Leeloo, I think we can have a very fruitful relationship. It’s very easy for me to speak highly of a company when they are doing things so well.

Is there anything that you’d love to share that we haven’t asked?
I think that with passion you can get everything in this life and I’m fighting really hard to become a successful trader.

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