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new dashboard and payouts

**Attention Traders**
Payouts can ONLY be requested on the Last Saturday o
f the month

for the majority of traders.
Any other traders with special accounts, 

They can request only on Saturdays.



It’s clear the Leeloo Trading Paid Performance Account is the best funding opportunity in practically every way – we've created it so that Leeloo's unique approach equals more success for you. 

However, some criticize two of our features, saying:

“Hey Leeloo... your trailing drawdown and once-per-month payouts are unfair!”, simply because "Other programs offer those two features differently."

Is that logical?

For example, which university option would you choose?

  1. Requires four years of study, costs $100,000 and you buy your own books. Requires 10 classes in your major, but you can choose from any.
  2. Requires two years of study, costs $50,000 and books are given freely. One required class, but no choice over the selection.

While most prefer option two, it’s still good to have a choice, right?  

What value does Leeloo Trading give being a clone of existing opportunities?

You don’t like that required class selection? Then Leeloo could require you to complete four years for your degree instead of two.

However you structure it, the goal must remain unchanged and students need to be properly educated and prepared. 

Just like Leeloo needs to select qualified traders who can succeed long term. 

Trailing drawdown

Trailing drawdown always trails your account.

How long have you been trading? Have you ever had a good week or good month – but also a terrible month? 

We only get to observe how you perform 10 times before we put our capital at risk!

We don’t restrict you from having an outstanding day and earning most or all of your goal.

So what does that prove? Anyone can have one amazing or lucky day, right? 

We have just one parameter that can forfeit your account:

  • Not news
  • Not accidentally exceeding contract limits
  • Not a daily limit
  • Not accidentally holding a trade past close
  • Not a two-step process
  • Not scaling plans
  • Not an onerous consistency rule

A continually trailing drawdown from unrealized profit eliminates a lot of luck, and simply gives us a better idea of whether a trader can trade with control and precision if called upon.

You have more freedom in the Paid Performance accounts, but we need something to evaluate traders we know nothing about. Who else provides the opportunity to get funded for free?

We have a $74 option that is refunded if you qualify!

Do you realize that a trader could pay only $148 for two $74 accounts and on the same day, buy the market on one and sell on the other, let it run and make all of the goal on at least one of the two accounts?

Not much skill involved, just a nominal $74 burned...

Trailing drawdown closes this loophole.

How would you evaluate 10,000 traders?

Charge more, require more days, steps and rules?

That does not sound good to us either, so we ask you to navigate just one parameter.  

And as it turns out, we have the highest percentage of traders qualifying into Leeloo Trading funded accounts, exceedingly higher than other providers.

So what else does that mean?...

Leeloo Trading Paid Performance Account payouts 

“Leeloo only pays out once per month?!”

Which do you prefer from our University example?

  1. Start school in 2016, finish in 2020. It takes you twice as long to graduate, at over twice the expense, but upon graduating in 2020, you get a job paying two or four times per month. 
  2. Or: start school in 2016 and graduate in 2018 with half the student debt. Begin getting paid in 2018, but once per month. 

With Leeloo Trading, our traders move through the Evaluation phase (at their expense) much faster.

Our goal is to quickly eliminate the financial obstacles as much as possible, so that traders can realize their dreams.

Once in a Leeloo Trading Paid Performance account, the paychecks are slightly less frequent, but we offer the Leeloo trader three unique benefits you’ll find nowhere else:

  1. A free trading platform license forever (Ninja)
  2. A 90% split after 12 months
  3. An (Investor) option to trade max contracts from day one! Other providers give you no option but to scale up contracts

In our university example, this means that with the Leeloo Trading funded account, you not only graduated in 2018 and are already making money, but by 2019 you have been given a raise! 

This is well before (option 1) graduating in 2020 and receiving that weekly paycheck, but also paying back double the student loans.

We may not be the right fit for every trader, but we provide options not found anywhere else.  

And for those of our Leeloo partner traders who appreciate that, it makes all our hard work (and theirs) worthwhile 😊.

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