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Welcome back to our Trade Secrets! 

We’d like to introduce to you, our Leeloo Trader, Hassan.

In the interview below, Hassan shares with us his simple strategy, risk management and lets us in on how he keeps his head when the stakes are raised.

Interview With Leeloo Trader, Hassan

Trader of the Month Hassan Soulimi

How long have you been trading?
I’ve been trading since 2011

How did you get into trading?
When I was younger, I started with some small Forex accounts and I tried every strategy, but I found I was losing more than I was winning! I was working as an IT Engineer at the time, and one job took me to installing and managing a telephony platform for the Trading Room in a bank. It was there that I discovered what’s what with trading, as I got the chance to see how things worked ‘behind-the-scenes’.

What’s your favorite thing about trading?
When I first met a professional trader, I understood one very important concept: To get professional results, you have to act like a professional trader!

How do you manage your trading psychology?
I set up a maximum loss per trade and a maximum loss per day. When I reach the maximums, I stop for that day.

Do you have a specific strategy you’d like to share?
I have a very simple one: Follow a move until it stops and then go with the rejection. Say we’re in a downward trend movement, I’ll watch until the seller is weak and have a buyer jump in to fade the move. There’s a very high chance that the risk/reward of this trade will be very good.

How do you manage risk in your account to stay successful?
On my account I don't follow trends, I only follow the market action and act like click traders, trying to pick off some ticks on the waves of prices. I only trade on the very short term, from seconds, to a couple of minutes – I have no open position for long periods of time or overnight. This means I have no risk when markets are closed or liquid.

What are your top tips to other traders to manage risk?

  • Don’t become too stubborn – after a few bad trades, take a 30-minute break
  • Don’t switch into casino mode (desperate trading)
  • Keep control, avoid overconfidence
  • Avoid frustration
  • Don’t let your emotions get the better of you

Follow these and you could recoup your losses.

What’s the best piece of trading advice you’ve ever received?
Start using DOM (depth of market) instead of charts to trade. This was the best advice I ever received, as it changed my trading style and improved my earnings.

Do you have a business that you’d love to tell our community about?
Yes, I share my trading knowledge and strategy with many of my students – I also offer one-to-one sessions, as private classes enable my students to progress more quickly. With the Live Trading Room, we close the gap between education and practise for a better result, because students can then see (live) and analyze trade ideas prior to entering the entry points and proper stop placements. The learning process is accelerated with live trading.

Why do you work with Leeloo?
Because Leeloo is the best!

What have you enjoyed the most about Leeloo?
The flexibility of Leeloo is amazing.

Is there anything that you’d love for the trading community to know about you?
I’m very patient, even in my trading! Like a sniper, I wait for the market to come to my zone of trading, then wait until all the conditions are met before shooting. If the markets stay out of my trading zone, I don’t trade.

Is there anything you’d like our community to know about your trading community?

For Dom Trading, our first goals are:

  • To teach the methods of professional trading to individuals
  • To help individuals avoid mistakes and trading scams, in order not to lose money in the markets
  • Present to active individuals all the necessary elements needed in order to win – and even make a living out of trading

Now the community is growing very fast and we have students from all over the world, so it’s a professional and cultural exchange.

What’s your top trading tip?
Prepare and fix a stop for every trade and respect it, and please start using the DOM! When you go to war, you must at least have the same weapons if you have any hope of winning that war!

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