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“Of all the funded providers out there, I chose LeeLoo because their qualification rules were the most simple and fair, and they have lowest fees."


One of Leeloo's favorite partners from the Motherland is Trade Room Plus, a premier UK based live trading room and resource. They have been helping beginner and experienced traders in Futures, Forex, Crypto markets, CFD broker platforms and Spread Betting since 2013. Founders of this trading room service and its partners take pride in the transparency they offer to their members. "We have traded live in front of our members and thousands of aspiring traders on YouTube and we do this every trading day."

To help you understand what Trade Room Plus stands for and how they can help in your trading journey we spoke to Simon, the lead trader of TRP. Simon has been trading for over 10 years. He has passed multiple LeeLoo evaluation accounts and actively trades our performance accounts. When asked why did he choose Leeloo he mentioned the following reasons:

“Of all the funded providers out there, I chose LeeLoo because their qualification rules were the most simple and fair, and they have lowest fees. I felt like they were working with me rather than against me and really wanted me to pass the evaluation stage.”

To get a better understanding on which trading strategy he uses and how does he trade to manage to pass several trading evaluations you can follow Simon trading live in the trade room he has been running since 2013 and free for 14 days. 



When asked about the most important thing when choosing an evaluation firm he explained:

“It’s essential to read and understand the rules. A lot of providers will have restrictions on things like trading the news, which are easy to fall foul of. Ideally, you want to be restricted as little as possible in order to be able to trade in the way which best suits you”.


“What’s are the most important things you’ve learnt trading over the past 10 years?”

 The first one isn’t fun, but it’s essential. That’s cutting losses. If a trade isn’t working just close it and focus on the next opportunity. I’ve known too many traders ruin excellent performance by letting one loss get away from them. The second is keeping perspective. I have a sheet with prompts and reminders printed next to my trading desk and one of the points says, ‘keep perspective, there are over 280 days a year to find great trades. It’s very easy to get sucked into the here and now.”


“Any tips for those trying to pass an evaluation account?”

“Split trades into multiple contracts to ensure you bank profit. This is the best approach for a trailing drawdown. Don’t let trades go into a lot of profit without banking someone of it. Don’t be afraid to trade the micro markets like the MES and MNQ to use the right leverage for the situation at hand. You don’t need to hit your profit target in a handful of trades!”  


If you want to see how a Performance Account and other live accounts are traded in real time in Simon's trading room, you can take advantage of a special 14 days trial.

Click here for a free 14 day trial at his website: https://members.traderoomplus.com/



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