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We know 2020 has been quite the ride! And, although quite the crazy year, we have so much to be thankful for at Leeloo.

We are thankful for YOU. You have brought so much life and kindness to our company and to our lives. We have learned so much from each of you and have grown not only as a company, but as humbled individuals, because of that.

We are so thankful that we have been able to meet you and thankful we've had the opportunity to help 1000s of home-bound traders worldwide this year and are sincerely grateful for every one of you.

Enjoy these holiday discounts as a token of our appreciation!

35% OFF the first month for each of  your accounts/evaluations.

Or 20% OFF recurring until you pass the evaluation or cancel your accounts

*Applies to any monthly evaluation size, $25K-$300K (Express Test not included).

Use coupon THANKS35 or LIFETIME20 for whichever promo you like, up to 3 uses per trader.

Happy Trading & Happy Holidays!

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