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We welcome Trader of the Month, Mouad who is inspired by the richest trader in the world and wanted to share his trading tools with the Leeloo Community.

Interview With Leeloo Trader of the Month: Mouad

How long have you been trading?
I started trading in 2018. 

How did you get into trading?
The first time I wanted to discover the world of trading was when I was watching Mathematics Professor Mr. Jim Simons in an interview about quantum physics. He started talking about trading and mathematics, and how he became the richest trader in the world by using mathematics.

What’s your favorite thing about trading?
The best thing about trading is that I can use what I love (which is mathematics, especially probability and quantum) and on top of that I can live a good life without having to stay in the same place!

How do you manage your trading psychology?
I manage my psychology through risk management and mathematical experience, and I continue to train to adapt and improve my psychology by disconnecting feelings.

Do you have a specific strategy you’d like to share?
My strategy is simple, I don’t use a lot of technical indicators, I just use mathematical esperance and T&S to detect the next movement of algorithms and big sharks, but I still have to improve my system every day.

What makes you a consistent trader?
Risk management.

What advice for other traders do you have to help them focus on consistency? 
I advise people not to trust fake gurus and to try to learn more about trading, trader psychology and risk management – and in the end you will find your own strategy!

How do you manage risk in your account to stay successful?
As I said before, I manage my risk by mathematical esperance: E(x)=win*P(x=win) +lose*P(x=lose).

What’s your top tip to other traders to manage risk?
“You are a mathematician, not a gambler”.

What’s the best piece of trading advice you’ve ever received?
You are a mathematician, not a gambler” and: “Keep it simple”.

Do you have a business that you’d love to tell our community about?
Next to an engineering student and trader, I’m a self-employed digital marketing specialist and an e-commerce website developer, looking to work more professionally and help companies grow.

Why do you work with LEELOO?
Because I like the service and excellent customer support! I also like the business model, it’s so smart and I can see that it could grow internationally very quickly.

What have you enjoyed the most about Leeloo?
The excellent customer support.

Is there anything that you’d just love for the trading community to know about you?
The more you learn, the more you earn.

What’s your top trading tip?
“You are a mathematician, not a gambler” and: “Keep it simple”.

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