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$300,000 Payout to Darrell Martin of Apex Investing! Way to go, Darrell!




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Darrell Martin, Founder of Apex Investing tells us first-hand why he and his traders have chosen to trade with Leeloo.


Darrell Martin has received the LARGEST PAYOUT by Leeloo to date:  $300,000 paid out November, 2020! Ask Darrell about it!!

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Who is Darrell Martin?

Darrell Martin, Founder Apex Investing
Darrell has been full-time trading for over 15 years. He’s had the opportunity to train complete rookies to floor traders and fund managers with his unique trading approach, which he calls ‘Diagnostic Trading’.

Darrell initially formed Apex Investing as a community-driven trading education company that has since grown to over 25,000 members worldwide. He was inspired to offer a service to traders because he wished he’d had something like this available to help him when he was first starting out. 

Why Darrell’s at the top of his game

Darrell’s spoken for exchanges, at international trading expos and even hosts a live annual event each year. He also offers traders a free trial with no credit card and full access for 30 days.

Traders come to him to learn, from the basics of futures, to detailed step-by-step entry and exit plans – for both scalping and trend trading. 

His methods leave very little subjectivity to the trader so they can potentially achieve consistent results themselves – he believes in empowering people to become their own guru, versus simply following along and he provides the tools, education, trade and mentor rooms to assist this process.

Darrell now trades with us and is here to tell you why he’s chosen Leeloo as his performance paid account.

Why does Darrell Martin work with Leeloo? 

Leeloo has afforded me the chance to work massively on my self discipline. With the ROI opportunity, I have benefited from the psychological balance between demo and live trading, and being rewarded for trading consistently while not having the nagging fear of losing everything. 

“This has helped me improve as a trader and is a one-of-a-kind opportunity! I compared Leeloo to every funding company out there, and found the evaluation process to be more simple and straightforward. 

“Leeloo offers traders the opportunity to get funded promptly, without having to jump through a bunch of random hidden rules and for this reason I have referred hundreds of traders to Leeloo.”

Why do Darrell's traders work with Leeloo?

“Leeloo offers traders with low capitalization the chance to get funded with a substantial starting balance, through a streamlined evaluation process. 

“This allows them to utilize leverage to their advantage, have the ability to make life-changing income and not risk the mortgage payment while trading. 

“It helps enforce discipline with effective but simple risk management rules, allowing the trader who will be disciplined to capitalize on the opportunity presented by LeeLoo.”


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