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Leeloo Loyalty

Welcome to our Leeloo Loyalty credits program just for our Leeloo Traders! You now can accumulate credits each time you purchase a subscription package and redeem for FREE products.

When you buy a subscription package with Leeloo, you earn credits to redeem on Free Resets and Free Leeloo Express! This is our way to say thank you to our traders.

Our priority is YOU.

Buy, earn, redeem.

It's a great cycle.

Earn points automatically when you buy an eligible monthly subscription. You even earn with promos too!


                                                                            $1 = 2 Points!

To track and redeem...

  • Please log into your member's area to view your credits acquired. And, you can easily Redeem in your member's area!

Thank you for a becoming a Leeloo Partner. We appreciate you.


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