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Imitators of Leeloo™

It's been said that Imitators are the sincerest form of flattery and that nothing breeds copycats like a successful business. When a new business idea is incubated and executed successfully, cloners naturally emerge and imitate. It's common when a business creates a solid, innovative, sophisticated product that others follow it. At Leeloo™ we block out all the outside noise and continue our focus on what's truly important - You.

At Leeloo™ we have an expanded view of the world and of trading and we continue our leadership by continuing to focus on the trader. That is why we wanted to share a few things for you to consider as imitators arise.

  • Execution and Knowledge can be different and execution and knowledge matters.
  • Genuine product innovations are the direct consequence of carefully honed strategies and operations. Product innovation is purposeful and planned - some may copy, but may not have the understanding of actual operations.
  • Ensure you can trust what the company claims and that the company has Integrity and Honesty at their forefront.
  • Some companies use false advertising and gimmicks, so keep an eye out for that as well!

If someone is copying a company it means that they're leading the way, which is a great thing for our Leeloo™ traders. 

Welcome to the Leeloo™ Family!

Trade Less, Live More™ 

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