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Why do I love celebrating Half Christmas?

If you know me, you know I like to celebrate. So I am always looking for things to celebrate. It can be small daily victories or month-long birthday celebrations. 

I am blessed with a fantastic family, friends, and colleagues.

As a trader, I celebrate not just on good profit days, but also when I can manage my emotions and walk away from the computer when I have met the goals and limits I have set for myself.

As a CEO, I celebrate when our team meets specific goals, achievements, milestones, or just simply Taco Tuesdays.

What is Half Christmas?

Half Christmas takes place on June 25th, the six-month marker before Christmas on December 25.

Why Celebrate it?

Well, long ago, I concluded that during the "busy" holiday season, I didn't get to see many of my close friends and family members. So, this Half Christmas thing is a great way to make time to share in the spirit of the season with my other friends and family that I do not get to share time with at Christmas.

Why are you telling us this? 

Ah! Well, I want to encourage you all to take some time to celebrate life, celebrate the small things. 

Go and explore new exciting things! Invite a friend over for dinner! (To save some money, invite them to lunch!)

When your kids tell you something that they accomplished or if they attempted something new, use this as an excuse to COMPLETELY overreact with joy and surprise. Maybe even take them on a spontaneous celebration outing.

Or when your grandkids come and visit, have a surprise party for no reason at all!

What will you celebrate today?

I would love to hear about your Half Christmas party! Create new traditions and spontaneous celebrations and enjoy life!

At Leeloo, we celebrate daily, each time a trader qualifies and receives a Performance-Based Trading and Contests™ Account we go NUTS! How exciting it is to see traders grow in their journey! The best part is we get to take that journey with them.

I look forward to your stories, write us a support ticket and add “Attention Chris” to the subject line. Our fantastic Leeloo team will send it my way! 

Happy Celebration and Happy Half Christmas, June 25!

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