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new dashboard and payouts

**Attention Traders**
Payouts can ONLY be requested on the Last Saturday o
f the month

for the majority of traders.
Any other traders with special accounts, 

They can request only on Saturdays.



A note from our CEO


Chris here from Leeloo Trading.

On behalf of our entire team, welcome, and thank you.

First and foremost, we share an unwavering commitment to our three core values: Trust, Integrity, and Honesty.

Thanks to the leadership of our founders and the dedication of our early team members, Leeloo has become a leader in the industry, which has resulted in us globalizing and differentiating ourselves from competitors in a very short time.

It is unusual to share this, yet we are going to do it anyway…

Our Founders are farmers.

Why does this matter? Simple, they established Leeloo based on a natural sense of solid camaraderie and teamwork and have now brought that to the trading community. Furthermore, we are successful traders who "get it", which guides us in offering a clear cut and straightforward pathway. These two pieces alone mean we get to continue to build the company that we, as Team Members, want to work for and that you, as traders, want to work with.

Our Founder, Jody, has set us up to ensure that our main objectives will never include investor profits, revenue goals or anything that directly or indirectly takes away from our traders.

We are a supportive trading community with respect and a caring attitude. Our traders are our partners, from all walks of life, and we treat everyone as such.

We hope to see you around.

Take care,



 PS: Got a question? Contact Us, and our brilliant Team Members will get you sorted. And if you've got a question for me, let our team know. They'll send it my way, and I'll respond.


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